Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Naughty Me

I know it has been far too long since I have posted here. I have been absorbed in writing #classifiednovel and writing over at YA Warehouse, which you should be checking out! We are crazy fun over that way.

I wanted to do more blog posts like I outlined before but it seems it was a bit more to take on than I planned. So we are going to make things a bit more simpler for the time being until I get the hang of things. I have been reading quite a few blogs and they have given me some awesome ideas for some of my own projects. I realize that posting about writing on a constant basis is out of the question because honestly, there is only so much you can say about it before you are beating a dead horse.

So, I would like to introduce some easier topics not only for you all, but to challenge myself. On Mondays I would like to post about music that inspires me. I tend to write while listening to music more than having the TV on. If a TV is playing, I don't seem to focus on what I am doing. I usually write to something mellow but that also depends on my mood and the current scene. I use music to get me into a certain frame of mind while I write. I also tend to play songs on repeat. Most of the time this is because it is the perfect song for the moment I am trying to grasp, while it also drowns out background noise inside my head or the room. I really want to share some of my favorites with everyone.

I am also introducing a new topic every week, probably on Wednesdays, that I am very very excited about. I recently tried out this site that gives you a single word to write about for 60 seconds. I found it quite interesting. Although I found the time constraint a bit difficult, it was pretty fun. I want to try something on here but instead of a word, I will write about a picture and instead of a writing time, I will write 250-500 words on it. I think this will help flow some creative juices and inspire some new stories to boil in this crazy head of mine. I think the challenge will be very rewarding in the long run.

I still want to do random posts on my writing as I go and things that I find on the web that are inspiring and helpful. Since taking some time away from my regular work to focus on writing, I will be able to keep up with this. I even find myself busting with excitement! So follow me along on this crazy life of mine.
Ok I won't Off With Your Heads. I'm really not that mean I swear   O:)

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