Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Burning Man

The Burning Man

The morning sun was eclipsed by the blackest of smoke; flames licking the sky.  The pastel skyline peeked through the flames. It was too early to warn them all. Half the kingdom would perish at my own hands. At my own gift. I could still feel the burning in my hands from where the sparks were born.

I never made a mistake this great. The memory played over in my head as I let my feet carry me, cutting a trail through the tall field of grass.  I saw him shrouded in shadow with his hands around her waist, pushing her against the stone wall. She gasped, not out of pleasure, but out of exasperation.

"No!"she screamed over and over as rage blew through me with every repeat. The man didn’t give and I couldn’t contain the surge that burned through me. Even with all the practice Avery pushed upon me to teach me self-control; it was all lost in this single moment, as if I never learned it at all.

The man tore at her corset as the flames rippled through me, starting at my hands until it filled all around me. I pulled back my aim in the nick of time, shooting a searing ball of fire in their direction but luckily hitting the canvas shop awning behind them. The girl let out a shrill scream, scrambling from her attacker and the flames that consumed the shack near her. I was frozen in shock. The fire took on a life of its own; moving fast through the village. Wooden shingle roofs caught fire in the blink of an eye and before I could move my feet, a whole row of houses and shops were ablaze. This would be moment that stemmed my name for eternity. It was my own version of punishment. 

I hope you all enjoyed this first challenge post. I found this first one a tad difficult to get right but I think it turned out pretty decent. Mind you, these are practices and are in no way finished pieces. This one in particular is 305 words. If you have any photos that you wish to give me a crack at, leave them in the comments and I'll add them to the list. Until next time! 

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