Thursday, September 2, 2010

Home again, Home again!

Sorry for the long break between posts guys.  I recently moved back home to get some relaxation, which is going well by the way.  My sister and I used the trip home as a last little vacation.  We were very fortunate to see the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Walnut Canyon, Petroglyph National Monument,  and Blue Hole.  I sure there was more but it was just so overwhelming that something might have gotten lost in the craziness of everything.

That trip was one of the most wonderful things I have ever done.  The Grand Canyon and Walnut Canyon are  the most beautiful places I have ever witnessed.  So pretty in fact it was hard to even believe that they truly exist; prettier than any picture one can see.  I never thought something so real could be so beautiful.  They had such a huge impact on me spiritually, because I am part Indian.  Even though I am Cherokee and that is Hopi country, it still gave me a sense of those people.  Not only that, but while at Walnut Canyon, I got a wonderful idea for a short story I hope to write soon.  So as soon as I have more free time, I will add some photos from our trip.

Right now there is a lot of unpacking and getting settled in going on. I have to say, being at home is quite strange.  I haven't lived in my hometown for 5 yrs, so things are hard to get used to.  I didn't know how much I really missed it until living out in CA.  The sound of crickets, frogs, and even the wind blowing in the trees, is something I never thought I took for granted until then.  The moment I got home, my mom was waiting in the rock road drive way for me as I pulled up.  I missed seeing her.  We have always been very close to each other; like best friends.  Until about 11 pm that night, we sat outside on the wooden swing and just talked about everything.  Being there in the dark, while the wind rushed through the trees, and the Cicada's acoustically played for us was just more than any words can express.

The feeling of just sitting there in the wide open of the country just stripped away all of stress of everything the last couple months.  I was meant to be there at that very moment, realizing its the one place that makes me feel full of life.  Something happened to me on that trip.  Something inside me awoke and life just seemed so different.  I could finally see what was most important in life and what mattered to me as a person.  I looked at everything for granted and didn't fully "see" until those recent moments.  I guess in a way I finally learned "to stop and smell the roses."
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