Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Book Reviews

This past week I was accepted into galleygrab.  I haven't really done any book reviews on this blog but since getting accepted, I think I would like to start. I believe I would like to put a twist on the reviews though.  I would love to not only review the book, but the writing since this blog is mainly about how I write and what I learn about writing.  I learn so much while reading like a writer.  I never thought about trying that before until the last few years.  I hope from all the awesome egalleys that are sent to me, I can fill people in on my thoughts.  Currently, I have the following egalleys:

Gone, Gone, Gone by Hannah Moskowits
Wildefire by Karsten Knight
Virtuosity by Jessica Martinez
Everything You Need to Survive the Apocalypse by  Lucas Klauss

 I started with Wildefire and I am LOVING it so look forward to a review on it soon!


Recently I began to watch Pretty Little Liars--I know I am a little behind, but what else is new.  I have never read the books but from what I hear, they are quite amazing.  (adds to my very large to-be-read-pile)  First off, the cast is perfect.  You have the rich brainy girl all the way to the popular girl.  I will try to leave out spoilers in this post in case someone is just as behind on this show like I was.

A group of girls find out their friend is missing.  It's been a year since the disappearance and what was a close knit group, is now more like strangers.  When they find their friends dead and kept more secrets from them than imaginable, a mysterious A shows up to haunt them, using their own secrets against them.

I didn't really know if I would like the show.  Usually I don't like seeing POVs from so many characters at once.  I just feel there is too much going on to really care deeply for them all.  Then out of no where, I found myself LOVING this cast.  Not only are these characters brought back together because of their past but they find a new friendship in each other while being tortured by A.  There are tons of subplots in this show that you would believe one would get lost, but alas, I was wrong.  Every show keeps me wanting more.  I can't wait to find out what A does to them next or what new piece is unraveled.

Watching the show got me thinking about Classified Novel.  I have a detailed main plot, but I think I am lacking in the subplot category.  I have all their back stories and junk, but I feel like there is some tension or something missing.  Pretty Little Liars keeps things fast paced through every episode.  I want that for my novel.  It's paranormal with a thriller side to it so there needs to be more action!  #headdesk  If anyone has any tips I would love to hear them!  Till next time!