Thursday, March 31, 2011

Where it all started...

Alright, you caught me.  As it seems, I’m not the best blogger.  I’ve been trying to get into the swing of it, but since I live in a freakishly small town at the moment and my parents only carry dial up, its been difficult to keep up on it.  I tried to write the posts with my phone, but that takes more talent than I posses.  The good news, though, is that I will be moving to a much larger area that is in the 21st century.  I know currently no one really reads this blog but I hope to get a following some point down the road.

I really would like to post my journey through writing my first book on this blog.  I’ve been taking it serious this year since I thought to myself “your not getting any younger” so you might as well try.

Reading has always been a huge part of my life.  For many years I have wrote down my little day dreams in notebooks and the Classified Novel was usually the center of those day dreams.  As time went by, I realized how much information I actually gathered up.  Not only that, but the Characters drove me absolutely insane.  Boy #1 (aka B1) constantly begged and pleaded for me to start writing the novel so he could meet Girl #1(aka G1)--sounds like we are playing BINGO.  Now that they have finally met he still speaks of course but not in a pushy kind of way.

I thought I had a good setting for my novel but it still didn’t fit what I saw in my head.  I wanted to base it off a place that actually existed as to ground the world better.  What I originally had was local to me and just wasn’t good enough.  When I moved to CA and did a movie in the Big Bear Mountains, the setting just fell right into my lap.  I had stepped right into my novel.  I have to say, it was the most overwhelming sensation.  Everyone talks about that “Ah Ha” moment.  That’s exactly what I had.  I’ve felt that a couple times while working on this novel but that was the first though.

Once I had my location, I talked to a few local High Schoolers who interned on the film.  They offered to take me around town after we wrapped and show me some of the popular places.  I took my handy dandy camera and took pics as I half hung out the window--not suitable for children.  While on the trip I found some of the most amazing, beautiful places that are now big parts of the novel.

When I returned home I made a book bible for the series and got to work on figuring out my characters.  When NaNo came around, I thought I would give it a shot.  I tried the previous year but started half way through the month and didn’t win.  This past year I did win, writing the most words I ever have in one document.  I felt stressed but the moment I made the finish line I felt so amazing I accomplished the goal I set.  After NaNo I took a break and put the work on the back burner.  I may have won the word count but I was quite stuck in my story.  Months went by while I tried to figure out where it was going.  I made a wrong move with putting it off.  I should have kept writing through it, but its too late for that now.  Still LESSON LEARNED!

A few weeks ago I got back in the swing of the story.  I sat down with my Sister to get her input on the plot.  Before long, ideas were flowing so fast I had to use my voice recorder to catch it all.

So, that’s where I am now.  Now that I have were the story, also series, is going, I am able to continue writing in my Classified Novel.  I did write within those months but only on my class projects.  Some writings pertained to the novel and some didn’t.

Moral of the story, at least for me, is that I need to know where the story will end before starting.  It doesn’t have to be concrete, but enough for me to plan my scenes to head that way.  Now that I am focused, I believe I can finish what I’ve started.      

*If you would like to learn more about NaNo click the link below.
National Writing Month's website
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